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A children's book blog by Miriam Rainwater

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sing, Dance, Shout: 30 Days of Praise

While I realize that not all of my followers consider themselves to be of the Christian faith, I have decided to expand my blog to cover some Christian books for my 2-12-year-old age range. Every few Sundays, I will post a review of a book that is Christian in nature for those parents who may be interested.

I am grateful to Doraine for the opportunity to review her newest children's devotional:

Sing, Dance, Shout: 30 Days of PraiseTitle: Sing, Dance, Shout: 30 Days of Praise
Author: Doraine Bennett
Illustrator: Kim Shaw
Publisher: Christian Focus Publishing
Publication Date: July 11, 2011

This new devotional book will help your child discover what praise really is and get to know the incredible, awesome, ever-faithful God Who is worthy of our praise every single day.

In the first part of the book, readers form a basic definition of praise and understand what happens when they choose to praise.

In the second part, they build on that basic definition to cover ten different ways to praise, exploring ten different Hebrew words: Yadah (to throw up your hands), Halal (to boast), Gadal (to magnify), Towdah (to be thankful), Tehillah (to sing a new song), Zamar (to make music with instruments), Ruwa (to shout), Shabach (to commend), Barak(to bless),  and Raqad (to dance, skip and leap).

In the third section of the book, readers enjoy the stories of six different Bible characters including Hannah, Jehoshaphat, Daniel, the shepherds in Bethlehem, the healed Lame Man, and Paul. 

Section four covers the reasons that readers should praise their heavenly Father--because He is Awesome, because He loves them, because He chose them, because He created them, because He provides for them, because He rescues them, because He comforts them, and because He is faithful to them.  This section, especially, applies praise to the everyday life of children very effectively.

The fifth and final section discusses not only how we were made to praise but how the creation and angels offer up praise, as well. 

At the end of each day's reading, there are praise projects to try--everything from singing a hymn to walking around in creation praising Him for His marvelous wonders.

Most scripture quotations were taken from the NIV. Other versions included KJV, NKJV, ESV, and The Message.  There is not a ton of scripture reading that goes along with this book, as that day's Bible story is accurately re-told in the author's own words.  However, a scripture verse is always highlighted at the beginning of each day and serves as a springboard for the rest of the devotion.

Color-book-style illustrations make this text one that could be implemented in a Sunday School environment or used with younger readers if a parent reads the devotional aloud.

While the target age for this devotional is labeled as 4th-8th graders, I feel that Sing, Dance, Shout: 30 Days of Praise would be most enjoyed by readers in 3rd-6th grade. Although the older students could certainly learn something (I did!), many older students will want a little bit more depth in their Bible study. And although even 1st and 2nd grade students could enjoy this book, the word choice is a bit difficult at times for a child that age to read alone.

How will your child's view of God change after reading
Sing, Dance, Shout: 30 Days of Praise?

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